Sony has been investing more and more effort into bringing its adventures to computers — and, apparently, the venture is working very well. After confirming Ghost of Tsushimawhich arrives on May 16th on Steam and the Epic Games Store, it seems that the Japanese giant has already prepares for the big announcement God of War Ragnarok no PC.

Who brings the information is the French insider Car-onlywhich has a good record of successes — mainly about the monthly games that arrive in the PlayStation Plus catalog.

According to him, Sony’s official announcement could happen later this monthduring a supposed company event that may also have more information about Silent Hill 2 and several other home projects.

“For our part, we were able to determine one of the next titles that will arrive on PC. According to our information, God of War Ragnarok will be available soon on PC”, said the French insider on Dealabs. “We estimate that the port will be announced in May 2024. The release date, however, is still unknown to us.”

According to a famous insider, Sony may confirm the arrival of God of War Ragnarok on PC during an announcement event in May.Fonte:  PlayStation

Of course, it is worth remembering that both the port God of War Ragnarok for PC as for the supposed Sony event scheduled for this month were not made official. Therefore, treat the text with caution.

But it’s not just Car-only who commented on the PlayStation showcase, no. Jeff Grubb, another credible journalist and industry insider, also stated on the podcast Giant Bomb that the Japanese giant is planning to present a showcase with its upcoming releases later this month.

God of War Ragnarok is the PlayStation game that sold the most in a short time

God of War Ragnarok is one of the biggest hits in the PlayStation catalog — but that’s no longer a secret to anyone.

When it was released in November 2022, the sequel became the fastest-selling PlayStation first party game in a short time, achieving an incredible 5.1 million units sold in the first week alone. Three months later, the amount exceeded 11 million copies sold.

PlayStation’s old record holder was The Last of Us Part IIwhich sold no less than 4 million units in just three days after launch.

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