In November this year, God of War Ragnarok completed one year of launch. The title is one of the most memorable games on Sony consoles, being an immersive, touching experience full of twists and turns to the mythology surrounding the franchise.

Now, Sony is expanding the game experience. The company launches the free Valhalla DLC today (12), which brings more story content. In addition, the extra content also includes new gameplay, including mechanics inspired by the roguelite genre.

If you haven’t played, or finished the title a long time ago, you may have forgotten how the story unfolds and how the journey ends. To recap the most important events of Ragnarok, Voxel prepared this article telling the main facts of the game’s outcome.

Understand the end of God of War Ragnarok

The end of God of War Ragnarok is marked by the climax between Kratos, Atreus and their allies against the gods of Asgard. The group meets with armies from other kingdoms for an epic battle against the Aesir, the true Ragnarok.

Kratos and his allies go to Asgard to defeat Odin.Source: Sony

The fight is tense even to reach the territory commanded by Odin. Kratos and Freya must work together to destroy war machines, powerful devices capable of destroying the gates of other kingdoms.

Odin, however, adopted a cowardly strategy: he used ordinary people from Midgard to fight on the front lines, implying an ethical reflection on the part of the heroes.

Sindri arrives alone

After losing her brother, Brok, to a trick by Odin, Sindri is in deep mourning. The group assigns him the responsibility of summoning the army of dwarves to fight Asgard, but he appears alone in the battle.

Alone, Sindri manages to destroy Asgard's war machines.Alone, Sindri manages to destroy Asgard’s war machines.Source: Sony

However, its presence is remarkable. With an instrument, he managed to destroy the war machines in a single blow, in addition to helping open the way for Kratos and Atreus.

Atreus confronts Thrud

Thrud, daughter of Thor and granddaughter of Odin, is still faithful to her grandfather. In the midst of the fight, she meets Atreus and confronts him, almost taking the giant’s life.

Thrud is convinced by her mother, Sif, that her grandfather cannot be trusted.Thrud is convinced by her mother, Sif, that her grandfather cannot be trusted.Source: Sony

However, his mother, Sif, intervenes in their fight and reveals that Odin is really what Atreus points out: a selfish traitor with no appreciation for other people’s lives. Convinced, Thrud joins Kratos and Atreus to find Odin.

Thor sends Jörmungandr to the past

One of the most impactful fights that takes place in the background of Ragnarok is Thor against Jörmungandr. The god Aesir faces the World Serpent in a devastating duel, destroying one of the gates in the process.

Jörmungandr takes such a strong blow from Thor that he returns to the past instantly.Jörmungandr takes such a strong blow from Thor that he returns to the past instantly.Source: Sony

Just as Mimir predicted in God of War (2018), Jörmungandr is sent to the past in a furious blow from Thor. The canonical event is quick and shows how the giant creature recognizes Atreus even before Ragnarok happens.

Kratos confronts Thor

In the search for Odin, Kratos comes face to face with Thor. The duo’s rematch is marked by destruction, but Kratos manages to overcome the God of Thunder and, in a show of mercy, spares his opponent from death, showing that they can be something more than destructive beings.

Thor revolts against Odin.Thor revolts against Odin.Source: Sony

Odin arrives at the battle site and, outraged, Thor decides to face him. He doesn’t last long, as Odin strikes his son with a spear in his chest, killing him instantly.

The battle between Odin and Kratos

Then, it’s time for Odin and Kratos to face each other. The duel is devastating and opens the way to the Allfather’s secret chamber, where Atreus and Freya appear to help defeat him.

Before the second round takes place, Odin talks to Atreus and asks him to reveal the secret of the mask. Kratos lets his son decide his own destiny, which denies the Allfather’s wish, enraging him.

Atreus must decide: help his father defeat Odin, or fulfill the Allfather's request.Atreus must decide: help his father defeat Odin, or fulfill the Allfather’s request.Source: Sony

In this second part of the battle, Kratos, Atreus and Freya emerge victorious, but Odin did not die: Atreus trapped the god Aesir in a sphere using a giant spell.

Atreus hands the sphere to Freya, allowing her to decide what to do with Odin, but she returns it. However, suddenly Sindri arrives at the battle site, takes the sphere from Atreus’ hand and destroys it with his hammer, disappearing shortly afterwards. Finally, Odin is dead.

Ragnarok has arrived

A few moments later, Ragnarok arrives in Asgard. Freyr, Freya’s brother, appears, signals that the end is near and offers himself as a sacrifice to buy time and allow Kratos, Atreus and his sister to escape through a rift created by Angrboda and Fenrir.

Freyr offers to hold off Ragnarok until his allies flee to safety.Freyr offers to hold off Ragnarok until his allies flee to safety.Source: Sony

Atreus ends up injured, but is rescued by his father. Fortunately, the giant is still alive and wakes up in a camp where some of his allies are gathered. He must then look for his father and talk to him about the future.

Angrboda appears to complement the conversation and asks them both to follow her. In the destination, she shows a sanctuary that tells the story of the protagonists in Ragnarok and that had been destroyed by Faye, in an attempt to encourage them to find their own destiny.

Atreus goes on a journey of his own

After speaking with his father, Atreus reveals that there are giants spread across the nine kingdoms and that he feels it is his obligation to find them. His father does not contest the decision and lets his son go on his personal journey.

Shortly afterwards, Kratos discovers a new sanctuary, which tells the story of the Greek god arriving in the Norse lands and scattering his wife’s ashes in Jotunheim. In the end, however, the section that told of his defeat by Thor was replaced by an image of Kratos being praised by his allies.

At the sanctuary, Kratos and Atreus check how their history was written.At the sanctuary, Kratos and Atreus check how their history was written.Source: Sony

Kratos takes on the mantle of hero

Freya appears on the scene carrying Mimir in her hands. They both ask what they should do now, so the group decides to help rebuild the nine kingdoms.

Kratos discovers the true end of his journey.Kratos discovers the true end of his journey.Source: Sony

Funeral de Brok

The last important section for the outcome of the story takes place at Brok’s funeral, a secondary mission. Kratos, Mimir and Freya decide to attend the event and there they meet Sindri for the last time.

Sindri still seems to suffer from the death of her brother, Brok.Sindri still seems to suffer from the death of her brother, Brok.Source: Sony

The dwarf appears tired, with few words, but does his brother the honors. Sindri doesn’t say anything revealing and disappears soon after, but everyone recognizes that this time is necessary for him to overcome his grief.

Týr is alive

Another important side quest for the story of God of War Ragnarok is the outcome of the wreckage of Asgard. One of the kingdom pieces appears in Niflheim, near the Crow Tree.

Týr was always alive, but he was trapped in Asgard.Týr was always alive, but he was trapped in Asgard.Source: Sony

Kratos, Freya and Mimir realize that it is a prison with Odin’s old rivals. In one of the cells, there is Týr, alive and unaware of what just happened. After all, the character we accompanied during the journey was Odin in disguise.

Now that you’re up to speed on the story of God of War Ragnarok, are you ready to embark on the Valhalla DLC? Comment

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