Once again saplings is involved in giving to help others. This time, the streamer made a donation of BRL 10,000 to Dizeritusa content creator, who was struggling to pay the installments of his apartment and condominium.

On Twitter, Dizeritus, PCD and INTZ streamer, wrote a touching text. He published a photo of a document from the Housing and Urban Development Company (CDHU) that charged him to settle the debt for his apartment in the amount of R$ 10,143.76.

According to Dizeritus, he tried to make a deal, but the agency accepted that he pay at least R$ 6,000 in order to be able to pay the rest in installments. With that, he took to social media to ask for help. Gaules noticed the publication and did not hesitate to help him.

In the comments, Gaules published a print screen proving a donation of R$ 10,000 to Dizeritus through a virtual crowdfunding. “No one will be homeless. We are together brother. Stay well and we love you”, said Gauls. Dizeritus thanked: “Gauls, thank you! My God, thank you. I love you lots”.

(Photo: reproduction)
Bruno Martins
published in September 1, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/gaules-faz-doacao-de-r-10-mil-para-streamer-pagar-parcelas-da-casa

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