Gallicone of the biggest streamers of Counter-Strike in the world, praised the LOUD during one of his live broadcasts. The streamer highlighted that even with the cast change, the VALORANT organization continues to perform well.

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In transmission, Liminhaanother streamer who participates alongside Gaulês during his lives, joked and said that Brazil always loses regardless of the game.

However, in the chat, viewers reported that the LOUD had beaten Sentinels in the opening match of the KICKOFF Americas.

LOUD is good, they play, change players, the guys get the best player on the team, and LOUD continues to do well.

VCT KICKOFF Americas 2024

A LOUD returns to the server on February 23rd against Leviathan in the search for a place in the Group B Playoffs.

Follow the complete coverage of VCT Americas KICKOFF with game calendar, schedules, table, statistics, format, teams and other information here on More Esports!

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 23, 2024


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