An expansion of the traditional Brazilian event BIG Festival, Gamescom Latam promises to bring even more developers and major releases from the gaming world to the country. In its first edition, it will feature meetings with big names in the industry, lectures, cosplays, board games and major eSports competitions.

If you are interested in participating, we have created a complete guide so that you can enjoy the fair and plan your expenses. It takes place between June 26th and 30th at São Paulo Expo, in the city of the same name, the first of which will have exclusive access for the press, content creators and media and business partners.

How much does a Gamescom ticket cost?

To participate in Gamescom Latam, it is important to purchase tickets in advance on the event’s official website. They have daily prices that vary between R$100 and R$250, being cheaper for those who want to visit the fair during its first two days. Check out the details:

  • 27/06 – R$200 (Full), R$100 (Half) or R$120 (Social);
  • 28/06 – R$ 200 (Full), R$ 100 (Half) or R$ 120 (Social);
  • 29/06 – R$ 250 (Full), R$ 125 (Half) or R$ 145 (Social);
  • 30/06 – R$ 250 (Full), R$ 125 (Half) or R$ 145 (Social);
  • 4 day package – R$790 (Full), R$395 (Half) or R$475 (Social).

The prices are related to the 2nd Lot of tickets for the event, with the third one having daily prices that will vary between R$145 and R$340. The future adjustment will also affect the four-day pass, which will cost between R$ $510 (Half price) up to R$1020, for those who pay the full amount.

According to the organization, the Social Ticket is an option for those who want to pay less for the event, while helping a charity. The amount charged includes an immediate donation to Able Gamers Brasilan entity that promotes the accessibility of games for people with special needs.

Which companies will be at the event?

To make Gamescom Latam the biggest gaming event in Latin America, its creators have partnerships with some of the main names in the market. Among those that stand out are Nintendo and Ubisoft, which will bring some of its main news to visitors. Check out the list:


  • Akupara Games
  • Atari
  • Fellow Traveler
  • Focus Entertainment
  • Mad Mimic
  • Niantic
  • Nintendo
  • Orube Game Studio
  • Raw Fury
  • Roblox
  • Team17
  • Ubisoft

Confirmed brands

  • Ablegamers
  • Aechmea
  • Atlantic Council
  • BIG Hero
  • Cooler Master
  • Europe Editor
  • Hoe Host
  • Google Play
  • HypeJoe
  • Nerd Legion
  • Tec Toy
  • Thunderx3
  • WD Black
  • Winzo
  • Zeenix

In addition to the new Brazilian edition, the Gamescom organization is also preparing a new edition of its main event in Germany. Scheduled to take place between August 21st and 25thit will once again be accompanied by Opening Night Live, in which we will have the announcement of various news and updates about the world of games.


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