Anyone who spends many hours in front of a computer knows how important it is to have a comfortable chair. On the market, there is a huge variety of office chairs that offer comfort for long periods of use, but nothing beats the popular gamer chairswhich can be found on the market in various models and brands.

If you sit for a long time, whether playing, working, studying or watching videos, it is important to select a gaming chair with a focus on ergonomics and with cushions to provide even more comfort.

Therefore, Voxel selected 6 models of gaming chair with cushions. Check out:

1. Cadeira Gamer Husky Gaming Tempest 700

20% off

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Have incredible hours enjoying your gameplay in a comfortable and cozy way! Made with very high density foam, it has a footrest, modern design, 180° recline, headrest and pillow.

R$ 1.099,99

The Husky Gaming Tempest 700 gaming chair is made with high-density foam, 50 kg/m³ in the seat and 35 kg/m³ in the back. It has a modern and very robust design, with a footrest, headrest and back pillow.

With a structure made of steel and supporting a maximum weight of 110 kg, the chair has a class 4 gas cylinder and can be reclined up to 180º. The arms of the chair, which also have comfortable foam, are movable and follow the configured angle, which allows the player to find more comfortable positions during the game.

2. Pichau Omega L Edition Gamer Chair

Image: Pichau Omega L Edition Gamer Chair
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

This model has tilt adjustment that can reach up to 180°. Count on PU leather, metal frame and base, PU wheels and armrest with 2D adjustments to ensure even more comfort during use.

The Omega L Edition gaming chair is very robust, with a 350mm powder-coated metal base. It has a seat made of foam with a density of 40 kg/m³ and a PU leather finish, as well as pillows for the lumbar and head.

This chair is highly durable and has a class 4 piston that supports up to 130 kg. Its Butterfly mechanism offers greater comfort and freedom with an inclination of up to 180°, in addition to arms as 2D adjustments aiming to ensure more comfort for those who spend several hours in front of the PC.

3. ThunderX3 TGC12 Gaming Chair

7% off

Image: ThunderX3 TGC12 Gamer Chair

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Ideal for those who want a professional gaming chair with cushions for more comfort and premium leather that lasts a long time. It has adjustable arms and backrest.

R$ 1.273,95

With an elegant design, covered in synthetic leather and carbon fiber stitching, the chair ThunderX3 TGC12 has 2D armrests designed to provide greater comfort on the elbows, especially during long periods of gaming or work. It is possible to adjust both the height and rotation of the arms, allowing you to find the ideal and most comfortable position.

This model has padded supports for the lumbar and head combined with the reclining backrest up to 135th. It has a butterfly mechanism as standard, as well as a class 4 gas piston. According to the manufacturer, the maximum recommended weight is 120 kg.

4. Mymax MX5 Gaming Chair

25% off

Image: Mymax MX5 Gamer Chair

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Designed to provide comfort even after hours of playing, comfort obtained through the use of high-density injected foam in the back and seat, combined with the possibility of tilting the back by up to 180° and the rocking function.

R$ 894,73

An option for those looking for a cheap gaming chair is the Mymax MX5, which is designed to provide comfort for those who spend hours sitting, whether playing or working. It is manufactured with a metal structure and class 3 gas piston. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic design and a coating made of PU synthetic fabric.

The chair is upholstered with controlled density foam, 35 kg/m³ for the seat and 22 kg/m³ for the back, which can be tilted at an angle of up to 180° and with pillows for lumbar and neck support. The MX5 also has a balance functionallowing the seat to be tilted 12°, in addition to having 2D adjustable arms and supporting up to 150 kg.

5. Cadeira Gamer Husky Gaming Hailstorm

Imagem: Cadeira Gamer Husky Gaming Hailstorm
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Husky HailStorm Gamer Chair offers a bold and modern design! It has a recline of up to 135º, height adjustment by gas piston and armrests adjustable by butterfly mechanism. It has two support pillows.

The Husky Gaming Hailstorm is also a good option for those who want to save money and buy a cheap gaming chair. It has a metal structure and base, nylon wheels and PU leather covering. It also has a class 4 gas cylinder and butterfly mechanism.

This Husky gaming chair has arms with 2D adjustment and is upholstered with foam with a density of 50 kg/m³ on the seat and 35 kg/m³ on the back, which can be reclined up to 180°. It was designed to accommodate people up to 2 meters tall and weighing up to 150 kg.

6. Xzone Premium Gaming Chair

13% off

Image: Xzone Premium Gamer Chair

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With a reclining backrest up to 140°, armrest with anatomical design, ergonomic design and pillows for neck and lumbar support, this model provides ideal comfort for long hours of gameplay.

R$ 803,00

The Xzone Premium chair is a good option for a cheap gaming chair. It has an ergonomic design, with a metal base, a structure upholstered with 24 kg/m³ high-density foam and covered in PU synthetic leather.

Its backrest has a maximum inclination of 140°, in addition to having two pillows for the neck and lumbar. The Xzone Premium also has height adjustment with a class 4 gas cylinder, armrests with anatomical design to support elbows and forearms and support up to 135 kg.

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