The correct posture when playing has a major impact on the player’s performance, as the more comfortable and relaxed the better to focus 100% attention on the match.

Therefore, buying a gaming chair can be a necessary investment, ensuring that your spine is not harmed by the lack of ergonomics of common chairs and providing more comfort for long games.

And in KaBuM’s Mega May! you can guarantee your gamer chair at a promotional price! The action has several models on offerwith more basic options, intermediate and full-featured versions.

See our list of suggestions:

Save on the purchase of your Gamer Chair

  • Prizi Runner Gamer Chair, 120Kg for R$ 279.90
  • Cadeira Gamer Prize Canvas por R$ 369,90
  • KBM Gamer Chair! GAMING CG200 for R$429.99
  • Alpha Gamer Vega Gamer Chair for R$ 589.90
  • KBM Gamer Chair! GAMING Tempest CG500 for R$619.90
  • Alpha Gamer Zeta Gamer Chair for R$ 649.90
  • KBM Gamer Chair! GAMING Tempest CG600 for R$749.90
  • Gamer XT Racer Defender Chair for R$ 824.90
  • Corsair TC100 Relaxed Fabric Gamer Chair for R$869.90
  • Alpha Gamer Nebula Fabric Gaming Chair for R$ 939.90
  • Corsair T1 Race Gamer Chair for R$ 959.90
  • Gamer XT Racer Platinum W Series Chair for R$ 1,044.99
  • Husky Gaming Blizzard 900 Gamer Chair for R$ 1,099.90
  • Husky Gaming Avalanche 900 Gamer Chair for R$ 1,099.90

Promotional values ​​are for a limited time. And if you’re looking for other gamer items, visit KabuM’s Mega Maio! and see all promotions.


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