O Game Changers Championship starts next Tuesday (28) with the eight best teams in the inclusive scenario in the fight for the world title. So, check out some interesting facts about the players, teams and championship.

Team Liquid has never lost a Main Event

Nothing better than starting with the representatives of Brazil, the Team Liquid. The team has not lost any main event it participated in in 2023. Despite the defeat during the qualifiers, the team is undefeated in the in-person championships.

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All G2 Gozen members are from different countries

The squad has five players and two more people on the coaching staff. This is how we separate the country of each of them:

(Photo: Disclosure/G2Esports)
  • Petra – Netherlands
  • mimi – Denmark
  • sarah – United Kingdom
  • roxi – Germany
  • Glance – Russia
  • Carcass – Lithuania (Coach)
  • Tibalt – França (Manager)

Who are the youngest players in the Game Changers Championship?

The Game Changers Championship will have several athletes who could be revelations in 2023. Furthermore, the average age of the players is between 19 and 23 years old. Therefore, florescent and Shopify e Wish and BBL Queens They are the youngest players in the competition.

In addition to Team Liquid, another team has a Brazilian presence

Team Liquid will represent Brazil, but another Brazilian player will also compete in the championship. Shyzis currently a player for KRÜ Blaze and has played alongside beard when I was in TBK Esports.

shyz KRÜ Esports
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Which teams are at the World Cup for the second time?

Of the eight organizations participating in the Game Changers Championship, four of them are in the championship for the second time, namely: G2 Gozenwho was the champion in 2022, the Team Liquidwhich occupied third place, Shopify Rebellionthe team that bought the cast of Version 1 e a KRÜ Blaze.

  • G2 Gozen
  • Shopify Rebellion
  • Team Liquid
  • KRÜ Blaze
tabela dos times do VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2023
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