This Wednesday (17th) the premiere of VALORANT Game Changers Brazil 2024 Stage 1. A Team Liquid it’s at Team Brave Soldiers They came away with victory in the first matches of the tournament.

Team Liquid x Donas da Bala

In the first series of the day, Team Liquid, winners of both qualifiers, got off to an excellent start by convincingly defeating Donas da Bala.

The team, which came second in the last Game Changers Championship, showed superiority by winning both maps in the series by 13 a 4 e 13 a 5.

Team Liquid will only return to the playing field on the 25th, while the Donas da Bala will have their next match on Friday (19), seeking to remain in the tournament.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Team Leveling x Team Brave Soldiers

In the second series of the day, Team Brave Soldiers beat Team Leveling 2-0. The clash became a classic between the two teams.

With an exciting extra time at Icebox and a decisive victory at Lotus, TBS will return to the server on the 25th. Meanwhile, Leveling will have their next gaming opportunity on the 19th, fighting to stay in the tournament.

Game Changers Brasil 2024

This Thursday (18th) there will be the premiere of MIBR against DREAMMAX. Furthermore, LOUD GC will find the flight for the last series of the day.

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