The year started off great for Hideo Kojima fans, who used January’s State of Play stage to reveal the epic first trailer for Death Stranding 2. The hype only increases with each new release and now it seems that another important part of the development has just been completed.

In an interview with Hideo Kojima’s Radio: Infinityhis own show on Japanese radio, Kojima confirmed that filming and recording with the cast of Death Stranding 2 are already completed — this concerns more specifically the motion capture and dialogue of the sequence.

Now, Kojima Productions will begin making several adjustments to the sequel to ensure the experience lives up to fans’ expectations. This process should take around a year — which suggests that the title’s launch continues as planned for 2025 without any major problems.

Filming with the cast of Death Stranding 2 has been completed, confirms Hideo Kojima.Source: Kojima Productions

Furthermore, Kojima also talked a little about the trailer for Death Stranding 2 released in January’s State of Play. The legendary developer explained that the goal of the presentation was to showcase the themes and look of the sequel, while also introducing new characters and the relationships between them.

Who is in the cast of Death Stranding 2?

Just like in the first game, the cast of Death Stranding 2 is filled with strong Hollywood names — something that became one of the franchise’s main calling cards.

In addition to the return of Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as Sam Porter Bridges, fans can also look forward to the return of Léa Seydoux (There are 2) as Fragile and Troy Baker (The Last of Us) once again as Higgs.

Below, you can check the complete list of actors and characters confirmed in Death Stranding 2 until now:

  • Léa Seydoux — Fragile;
  • Norman Reedus — Sam Porter Bridges;
  • Troy Baker — Higgs Monaghan;
  • George Miller — Captain of Drawbridge;
  • Fatih Akin — Drawbridge doll;
  • Elle Fanning — unknown role;
  • Shiori Kutsuna — unknown role.

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