When we start any game on our consoles, we have the anxiety within us to press the buttons to quickly start a game. However, in some titles patience after the first few seconds is capable of providing us with excellent and memorable openings.

In this special made by the team at Voxel, Let’s remember some of the best classic game openings. Ah, it’s worth mentioning that they will appear below in random order, without a preference ranking or anything like that.

So, are you ready to travel through your memories once again? Check out!

1. Chrono Cross

Let’s start this list with the introduction of a great classic from the first PlayStation and possibly one that still lives in many people’s memories: Chrono Cross.

The opening of the game is literally an invitation to adventure alongside Serge, Kid and several other characters while trying to free the world once again from a great threat. All this added to the sound of Scars of Time Already in the first minutes of the game, this is one of the best openings of classic games.

2. Final Fantasy VIII

Speaking of games released for the first PlayStation, another game opening worth noting is the one we were able to see at the beginning of Final Fantasy VIII.

In the first few minutes, Square Enix managed to show an excellent job of introducing characters like Squall, Rinoa and Ultimecia at the same time as we heard a jaw-dropping orchestrated score — in other words, a great epic.

3. Ninja Gaiden 2

Going back in time a little, some games found in the era of 8-bit consoles also provided us with excellent introductions, being Ninja Gaiden 2 for Nintendinho one of the best examples of this.

The second episode of the Ryu Haybausa saga shows that We don’t always need super elaborate graphics to capture the player’s attention in the introduction. Considering that, in just over two minutes, the opening of Ninja Gaiden 2 manages to surprise while transmitting a little of what we will have along the journey.

4. Silent Hill

Silent Hill is possibly one of the horror series most remembered by many people, and Part of this is certainly due to one of the best classic game openings we had on the first PlayStation.

Seriously, tell me that you also didn’t feel a little scared following the images above, at night and while starting your journey alone in Konami’s horror game (and much of this is due to the quality of the soundtrack selected to play in this part of the game). game)?

5. Secret of Mana

It’s difficult to talk about the best classic game openings without bringing to mind what we had the chance to see shortly after the Squaresoft logo in Secret of Mana. Indeed, the fact that everything is practically static here It doesn’t even take away the shine of an excellent introduction created for the Super Nintendo.

The first minutes of this classic Super Nintendo RPG help to place the player a little in the environment in which the adventure takes place, and it is very difficult not to feel invited to embark on this journey after listening to the introductory song performed in this section.

6. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

At a time when RPG fans could already have fun with games from the series Final Fantasy e Dragon Questanother title emerged to share the public’s attention with a well-constructed package of characters and a touching adventure: Lunar.

This franchise was born on the Sega CD in 1992, but certainly what we had the opportunity to see in Lunar Silver Star Story Complete released for the first PlayStation is what places this game among the best openings of classic games.

Serious, It’s impossible not to feel touched by this song (which, by the way, is called Wings) and all the animation that appears on the screen: just start, close your eyes and “let the dreams of your heart come forth”.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Let’s close our list with one of many people’s favorite episodes when we talk about the franchise. Metal Gear: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

This opening ends up positioning itself as one of the best ever seen in a game thanks to the opening credits presented practically like the introduction to a film starring James Bondwith the right to the song Snake Eater being executed with the name of the production team and everything.

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