After a long hiatus of 23 years without news, SNK revealed, during EVO 2022, that a new game in the franchise Fatal Fury would be released in the not-so-distant future. Now the hammer has been hit: Fatal Fury City of the Wolves arrives at the beginning of 2025 and will have a classic Brazilian fighter in the cast.

Marco Rodrigues, who first appeared in Garou: Mark of the Wolves from 1999, is an assistant Kyokugen-style karate instructor and will be one of the playable characters in the sequel. The revelation was made by SNK on Sunday (28).

The Brazilian, like other characters in the cast, will have two voiceovers in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves — one in Japanese and the other in English. In the first, the person responsible for the voice will be actor Earl Baylo, while in the second it will be Kenichirou Matsuda. There could actually be a Brazilian dubbing the fighter, right? Check out the trailer:

In the press release sent out by SNK, the company also promised that even more characters will be announced leading up to the game’s release in early 2025. So far, it has already been confirmed in the first character trailer that we will have iconic names like Rock Howard and Terry Bogard , as well as Hotaru Futaba, Tizoc and Preecha.

Another good news is that Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves It can also be tested by visitors to EVO Japan 2024, which takes place on April 27th in Tokyo.

Meet Marco Rodrigues, Brazilian fighter confirmed in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Marco Rodrigues is one of the franchise’s veteran characters Fatal Fury. As mentioned above, he made his first appearance in Garou: Mark of the Wolves in 1999 and is also known as “Khushnood Butt” in the English version of the game.

Brazilian Marco Rodrigues is one of the fighters confirmed in Fatal Fury City of the Wolves.Fonte:  SNK

The fighter is a Kyokugen-style karateka, whose strength and hot blood have earned him the reputation of being a great opponent. After having his dojo sign stolen by strangers, he has no choice but to improve his karate skills on the mat at Yuri Sakazaki’s gym — another fighter in the saga.

Upon learning that there is a new tournament KoF on the horizon, Marco prepares for what is to come. Of course, the occasion is also a great opportunity to promote your beloved dojo, as well as regain respect and, of course, showcase Kyokugen-style karate to the world.

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