No matter how much time passes, many of Bloodborne always remain hopeful that From Software’s game will be released on PC someday. Although this idea is fantastic, there is still no indication that this will become a reality in the future. To satisfy this desire, we can still turn to the studio’s other games or a very special title created by a fan: the demake of Bloodborne.

Following the old tradition of the games industry when some titles were ported to other platforms in an alternative version, this project recreated part of Bloodborne as if it were a PlayStation 1 game.

The idea is very interesting and the game itself can also be a lot of fun for those who have already played the game. Bloodborne original and for those who never had this opportunity.

The project was launched in 2022, but taking advantage of the month of Halloween, the developer, known as Ravenlith on Twitter (or X, if you prefer), made a joke saying that the game can be redeemed for free on its official page. Of course, because it was a game inspired by an existing IP, it was always free.

Check out the trailer for Bloodborne Demake, below:

How to play Bloodborne Demake?

Anyway, this is a good chance to remember Bloodborne PSX and play it if you haven’t tried the demake for yourself yet. As we mentioned, it is available for PC on its official page at no cost!

To play, simply download the latest version, install and enjoy! Demake runs in its own program, eliminating the need for other software to use it.

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