The radiation of the world of Fallout is finally coming to the small screen! During CCXP 2023, Prime Video launched the first trailer for the live-action series based on Bethesda games.

With around two and a half minutes, the video shows what we can expect from the adaptation of the gaming saga for streaming. Right away, we have many classic game elements appearing on the scene, including classic costumes, bunkers and armor.

The trailer begins with Lucy, played by Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets), taking on the role that Fallout players usually play: opening the bunker (Vault) and exploring the devastated world. Next, we get a preview of the post-apocalyptic locations featured in the series, including deserts with dangerous monsters and giant cockroaches.

The world of Fallout, however, is not just inhabited by giant cockroaches and hideous creatures. The trailer also shows that the characters will have a “Dogmeat”, the faithful dog companion that appears in games in the series.

Armaduras, ghouls e bunkers

The trailer also shows that, just like the games, the Fallout series will involve a lot of blood, fights and flashy armor. The preview includes, for example, a bloody clash inside Vault 33.

The Power Armors look can also be seen in action in the new video. In one of the sections, we have a battalion of soldiers equipped with powerful armor.

Fallout premieres in April 2024 on Prime Video.

Like the recently released images, the trailer also includes details about the ghouls. In the video, we can see actor Walton Goggins as a possible bounty hunter in the devastated world of Fallout.

Release date of

The Fallout TV series is scheduled for release on April 12, 2024. The production will arrive exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

FalloutGiant cockroach in the Fallout series.

Executive produced by Todd Howard, the adaptation is the responsibility of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Nolan is actually the director of the first three episodes of the series.

The Fallout franchise is one of Bethesda’s main game productions, which is currently part of Microsoft. The main titles in the series are even available to play with the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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