Microsoft has been taking some measures that have not pleased its community at all. After laying off more than 1,900 employees in 2024 alone, earlier this week the North American giant also announced the closure of four important studios. But the response from the brand’s fans came somehow: are bombing Phil Spencer’s base in Fallout 76.

In case you didn’t know, the Enclave mission “I Am Become Death”, em Fallout 76, sees you entering a bunker to take out a bunch of robots, which gives you access to a launch control center.

In it, you can insert a key card and a decrypted launch code to detonate a nuclear warhead. As a result, one player wasted no time and decided to take the opportunity to destroy the executive’s camp in the game, as a form of retaliation for the closure of the studios.

As you can see in the image below, the “rebel” fans mercilessly bombarded the base of the Xbox boss. Check out:

The perpetrator of the bombing was real1090jakewho even found Spencer’s character in the game — but the person who shared the moment in a post on X (formerly Twitter) was the profile Sam_Snydes. “I made this kid Phil pay for what he did to my Xbox brothers and sisters,” the gamer said.

The post, of course, went viral on the social network shortly afterwards — garnering a respectable 59 thousand likes. This was the subject of much debate, with some of the fans chiming in and saying, “we have the technology to cyberbully billionaires.”

Fallout 76 is free on PC and Xbox

Finally, great news if you’re thinking about giving Fallout 76: the RPG is free for PC and Xbox via Prime Gaming until May 15th.

Getting the game for free in your digital library is very simple. We have prepared a short tutorial to help you with the rescue — which can be seen at the link below:

Have you had the opportunity to play Fallout 76? What did you think of the “retaliation” against Phil Spencer in the game? Comment on social media Voxel!


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