Fallout has been one of the most discussed topics on social media in recent days, as Prime Video’s live-action series brought the franchise back into the spotlight. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before some interesting facts about the saga came to light.

And this, perhaps, is one of the most classic! In 2015, a user of 4chan found out that the train Fallout 3specifically from the DLC’s presidential subway Broken Steelis actually a “hat” worn by an NPC! Instead of functioning as imagined, the character runs through the game’s universe, deceiving players with the appearance of a functional vehicle.

Presidential subway from the Fallout 3 DLC Broken Steel.Source: Fallout Wiki

This happens because Gamebryo, the engine used to develop Fallout 3, was not created to reproduce moving vehicles. Therefore, the only way to solve the problem in the DLC was to create this non-playable character equipped with a gigantic item that represented the train.

And how does the Fallout 3 train work?

After the subject appears in the 4Chano PC Gamer used GECK, the Fallout 3 on the PC, to take the real test. The website confirmed that the speculations are true and that the cabin is, in fact, an item called “DLC03MetroCarArmor”. It’s not really a hat, but more of an arm piece.

Screenshot of GECK, the Fallout 3 editor.Screenshot of GECK, the Fallout 3 editor.Fonte:  IGN

Furthermore, it is not the NPC who powers the train, but the player himself. After repairing the vehicle in the game, it is possible to enter and turn it on — the command, in turn, activates a script that equips the item and activates a package called “DLC03MetroCameraPackage”, which plays an animation called “LooseDLC03MetroCamera”.

The sequence causes the train to be activated and automatically travel along the route established in-game. For some reason, carrying out this process in the editor Fallout 3 causes the carriage to turn sideways — which clearly doesn’t happen in the normal game.

A Fallout 3 NPC using the A Fallout 3 NPC using the train-shaped “item” so that the carriage can move in-game.Fonte:  PC Gamer

A very peculiar alternative solution, but which, in the end, solved the problem with the game’s graphics engine! Fortunately, it’s worth remembering that things changed in Fallout 4, with the Criterion graphics engine putting an end to the tired NPC’s run once and for all. This hack deserves the MacGyver seal for Bethesda, don’t you think?

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Based on one of the greatest video game series of all time, Fallout is the story of those who have and those who have not, in a world where there is almost nothing to have.

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