Consecrated as one of the most popular shooting and extraction games today, Escape From Tarkov has gathered a legion of fans since the beta’s debut in 2016. The shooter from Russian studio Battlestate Games will receive a new edition soon — but it doesn’t seem to have pleased some players very much.

The reason for the dissatisfaction was very clear, to be honest. The new edition of the game, titled Escape From Tarkov: The Unheardis costing US$250 in pre-sale — a very high value that exceeds R$1,200 in direct conversion without taxes.

Pre-orders for Escape From Tarkov: The Unheard Edition are $250.Fonte:  Escape From Tarkov

The combination is not expensive

What caused some outrage is the fact that the previous version, the Edge of Darkness, having been removed from the purchase option list. This edition was much cheaper: it cost US$100 and already came with the Season Pass included, as well as access to all future DLCs released by the Russian studio.

The issue is that the new version The Unheard will be accompanied by a PvE mode (that is, a DLC) that will not be delivered to players who purchased the Edge of Darkness — contrary to what was previously promised.

Escape From Tarkov: Edge of Darkness has been removed from stores.Escape From Tarkov: Edge of Darkness has been removed from stores.Fonte:  Escape From Tarkov

The community manager Escape From Tarkov, Daniel Mavlyuberdinov, went to the game’s official Discord to claim that the PvE mode, in fact, is not extra content. Therefore, to take advantage of it, just pay US$250 for the new version.

“It’s not DLC, it’s [um] exclusive feature added to the new edition”, explained Mavlyuberdinov, reiterating that “DLC means additional downloadable content, PvE is a feature and a game mode”.

“Just because you all want it to become a DLC doesn’t mean it is one. It’s a featured game mode for the new edition of the game,” he explained.

Battlestate Games promises to reward players who purchased the Edge of Darkness version

Shortly after the incident, Battlestate Games announced on the official Reddit that it will compensate the owners of the Edge of Darkness with additional features including high priority matchmaking and access to the new PvE mode for six months.

However, the Russian studio’s attempt to defuse the situation has been met with more criticism, with some of the disgruntled players claiming that the limited-time access offer is something like “paying to get more stuff”.

How controversial, right? You purchased the Edge of Darkness of Escape From Tarkov and are you dissatisfied with the situation? Comment on social media Voxel!


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