This Thursday (7), Epic Games presents players with another free game: Game drives. Trying to a hybrid between Tactical RPG and Deck Buildingthe title developed by Free Range Games should please lovers of turn-based combat, established in titles such as Fire Emblem e Chrono Trigger  — in addition to the most recent stellar success, Baldur’s Gate 3.

Em Game drives, players accompany five heroes, each with abilities and different backstories — ranging from a journey of revenge to unraveling ancient mysteries. In addition to just influencing the gameplay style, variety also broadens the scope of the main narrative.

Speaking of gameplay, Game drives distances itself from Tactical Turn-Based RPGs by implementing a very peculiar card system. In it, a deck is assembled to be used during battles, which represents movements, skills and items to be used. The dynamics of this aspect may remind you of successful titles in the genre, such as Hearthstone.

Check out the trailer for Game drives:

How to redeem free Spelldrifter?

For rescue Game drives for freejust access your Epic Store page at this link and click “To obtain”. As usual, the offer is valid for one week, ending on September 14th at 12pm.

Outside the promotional period, Game drives can be purchased on the Epic Store for R$37.99.

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