EA FC 24the old one FIFA Soccer, will be officially released on September 29th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and PC. The most eager fans can purchase the Ultimate Editon and play the game starting next Friday (22).

O Voxel had early access to the full version of the game and brings a preview with the first impressions of the new game, before carrying out the full review with details. Check out!

Even more real gameplay

In the first matches, which this time do not involve the obligation to play in any Champions League final, it is possible to notice the main changes in EA FC 24. The main one is precisely its most controversial point: the gameplay.

The realism of players like Haaland goes beyond visuals.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

First of all, it must be said that everything is still very similar to FIFA 23, the previous game in the series. In the setting of the matches, as in the movement of the virtual athletes, there are many similarities and recyclings, which more casual players cannot easily distinguish. For those who, like me, have followed the franchise since past generations of consoles, it is gradually possible to notice the changes, which I prefer to call “improvements”.

The first of them is precisely the focus of the game’s major marketing: the PlayerStyles. This feature realistically reproduces the movement of great world football stars, like Erling Haaland and Vinícius Junior. And it was precisely with their respective teams that I made a point of playing to check if such propaganda was true.

And to my surprise, or not, there is a huge difference between these players and the rest. To understand this, just control the Norwegian attacker and run in a straight line, which it will be possible to notice his “brucutu” way of handling the ball as if it were a war tank. With the Brazilian striker, just execute any of his varied dribbles to realize how much more agile he is than most of his companions.

Haaland has movements similar to the real player.Haaland has movements similar to the real player.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

On the other hand, playing a game between Sampdoria and Ascoli is witnessing a true definition of “naked”. But don’t see this as a bad thing, it’s all a consequence of realism that balances the game. In other words: playing with good teams is a sign of a quality match, but with bad clubs, you need to be experienced to take advantage of “such bad” athletes.

Main improvements

A main evolution in EA FC 24 is ball control. It’s notable how much looser it is on players’ feet, facilitating individual plays, especially dribbling. However, you need to be more precise when executing your moves. For example, the famous “ball stretch”, with a tap on the left directional pad, needs to be more precise, as it is not done completely in a straight line. This way, if the direction is not ideal, you can easily lose the ball.

This realism also makes losing control of the ball more common. In many moments, a sudden change of direction caused my athlete to get tangled up with the ball, even losing her to her opponent in individual plays. And as much as this brings enormous irritation, it must be admitted that, for the sake of realism, it was very real.

Hand-to-hand ball fighting is also more efficient.Hand-to-hand ball fighting is also more efficient.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

Another point that also deserves praise is the movement of the players in the match. In relation to the respective speeds, the game is a little slower to make it even more real. The positioning, on the other hand, caught my attention mainly in the attitudes of his defense. A great example is when you change the player you want to control.

At a certain point, while I assumed the position of a virtual athlete to surround a player with the ball on the side of the field, another opponent ran freely towards the area. At that moment, I changed control to a defender to follow the advance, at other times FIFA’sthis same player who was left without control, naturally reduced the intensity of the marking, in this new game he not only accompanied the opponent with the ball, but also made the pass difficult.

The same also happens in attack, where players always seek good positioning, while avoiding being in an illegal offside position. This makes the game less dependent on your attitude at all times, and has moments of a more automatic and efficient collective.

Players automatically search for spaces more in the new game.Players automatically search for spaces more in the new game.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

What could improve?

Goalkeeper! Yes, they continue to be a box of surprises which, most of the time, is a huge disappointment. EA Sports has had a certain problem with players in this position for a long time, and in EA Sports FC 24 that hasn’t changed. That’s because they keep failing to score silly goals and at the same time make unbelievable saves.

“Ah Diego, but this happens in real life!” Not exactly the same way. Starting with the movement they reproduce. There are a series of very unrealistic jumps, which makes me question which real player was used for the task. While he makes bridges worthy of the cover of a newspaper, there are some jumps that are totally weird, and that not even amateur goalkeepers usually reproduce.

Goalkeepers remain inaccurate in EA FC 24Goalkeepers remain inaccurate in EA FC 24Source: Reproduction / Voxel

To finish, The finishing touches also leave a little to be desired.. There are shots inside the small area that, inexplicably, go out of the goal, as well as shots from almost no angle that end in spectacular goals. You need to balance this until launch.

I’ll be back soon with more details, mainly about the game modes and the visual part of the gamein the complete analysis of EA Sports FC 24 here at Voxel! In the meantime, I take the opportunity to explore the Ultimate Team mode, which is packed with new features!

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