Another big name from Bethesda that has been the target of countless rumors on the networks recently is the new game in the franchise DOOM. Well, to the delight of fans, the publisher dropped the hammer this Sunday (09) and DOOM: The Dark Ages It was finally announced with an epic trailer during the Xbox Showcase and arrives in 2025 — although the date has not been confirmed on this occasion.

Another new feature confirmed during today’s event is that the new DOOM It will be cross-platform. In other words, despite being produced by Microsoft, The Dark Ages will be released on both Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass and PCquanto PlayStation 5.

The news isn’t all that surprising, considering that DOOM Eternal it also arrived on the Sony console — but for those who still had doubts, now they no longer do. Check out the trailer for the sequel:

As speculation stated, Doomguy’s new adventure appears to have been taken straight from a sheet of the Necronomicon of Evil Dead: Army of Darkness. DOOM: The Dark Ages will take players to a medieval universe full of demons and creatures of all sizes.

De DOOM: Year Zero para DOOM: The Dark Ages

Originally called DOOM: Year Zerothe first rumors about the sequel appeared in a brand recently registered by Bethesda with the code “IDKFA” — a well-known cheat in the series.

In April, journalist Tom Warren, from The Vergestated for the first time that the new DOOM would be announced by ID Sofware during the Xbox Showcase this Sunday (09) — which, in fact, ended up happening.

Doom: The Dark Ages chega em 2025.Fonte:  Xbox

The franchise DOOM has been a tremendous success for Xbox and ID Software. In 2020, a studio employee stated in a LinkedIn post that the saga had already generated more than US$450 million in revenue. It’s been over four years, so possibly these numbers could be even higher today.

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