Manor Lords was released last Friday (26) for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and PC Game Pass) and captivated fans of management games. The title, created by just one developer, was also one of the most desired names on Steam this year, being added to more than 2.5 million wish lists on Valve’s platform.

With all the good reception, many are wondering: will Manor Lords Will there be co-op or online mode in the future?

Manor Lords may never receive multiplayer

Well, anyone expecting such features in the game will probably be disappointed. Developer Slavic Magic has made it very clear that this is a single-player experience — so keep your feet on the ground.

When asked about the potential arrival of multiplayer in the management game, the project’s solo developer was emphatic in saying that “the focus of Manor Lords is a refined single player experience, with no multiplayer or co-op modes planned at this time”.

In other words, the tendency is for the studio to pay close attention to what really matters at the moment: refining the single-player experience of the game, which is in early access on Steam and has several bugs.

Manor Lords may not have online co-op, but the Xbox Series version should be in the works

In short, Manor Lords was not created to be a cooperative experience — different from other games in the niche, such as the game itself Age of Empires. As a game that is still in early access, most of the development is potentially focused on expanding all of its current features.

Apparently, Manor Lords won’t have co-op and online mode anytime soon.Source: Steam

Of course, there’s that glimmer of hope with the phrase “at the moment”, but considering that the title is still in early access, we’re unlikely to see such features arriving in the near future. Therefore, Although it’s not impossible, it’s better not to have that much hope.

It is worth remembering that it is also developed by just one person, who is already working on a version of Xbox Series X|S for Manor Lords.

As a result, it’s really difficult to place so much hope in other things — can you imagine how much work it must take to develop a game alone?

Is Manor Lords worth playing?

If you like management games in the best style Age of Empiresyou will probably enjoy the experience with Manor Lords.

Currently, the Slavic Magic game is on sale on Steam and the Epic Games Store, going from R$99.99 to R$ 74.99 until May 10th. Furthermore, the title also collects more than 9 thousand “very positive” reviews on Valve’s platform — with high praise for the management system.

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