For more than seven years developing and manufacturing products for the retro market, GamesCare announced, this Thursday (20), that it will reveal a new Brazilian console during Gamescom Latam next week.

The GF1 Neptune is being “entirely developed in Brazil” and will combine the classic Mega Drive and 32X hardware into a single device to offer full compatibility with iconic accessories such as the Sega CD, controls, cartridges and new peripherals — which will be announced in the future.

The official reveal of GF1 Neptune will take place during Gamescom Latam on June 30th (Sunday), at 12:50 pm (Brasília time) — straight from the Quest stage. Remembering that the gaming event will take place at São Paulo Expo, in the capital of São Paulo, starting on Wednesday (26).

GF1 Neptune technical specifications

Compatible with Mega Drive and 32X cartridges, the GF1 Neptune was designed to bring back the nostalgia of the golden era of one of the most beloved video games of all time.

In addition to bringing back the nostalgia of the classics, the Brazilian console will also offer practicality and compatibility with modern digital equipment. Check out the following: GF1 Neptune technical specifications:

  • HDMI connection with 1080 progressive line resolution and digital audio;
  • SD card slot, facilitating updates and media storage;
  • High-speed wireless internet connection for access to exclusive resources and content;
  • Connection port with original “Sega CD” hardware and future peripherals;
  • High quality analog sound and video output for the most demanding gamers.

Interior of the GF1 Neptune, a Brazilian console developed by GamesCare.Fonte:  GamesCare

GF1 Neptune will have an exclusive game developed by a Brazilian studio

In addition to supporting “the vast and existing Mega Drive indie scene”, the GF1 Neptune will also have numerous games released by the community — many of which are completely free.

Furthermore, the national studio Versão Ltda is developing a new game that will be revealed during the presentation at Gamescom Latam next week. The console will also allow the purchase of digital games through an online store, which will offer exclusive titles already in development.

The price of the GF1 Neptune, as well as its market launch date, have not yet been announced.s. The hope is that this information will be revealed during your presentation.

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