Solo Leveling It is a South Korean web novel that has been gaining more and more space and fame on the internet, being adapted to the webtoon format in 2018. In January of this year, the series gained the world when it received an anime adaptation, broadcast here by Crunchyroll.

Along with Japanese animation came the release of Solo Leveling: Arisea game also adapting the story of the protagonist Sung Jinwoo. The action RPG, which was released for mobile devices and PC, follows the boy’s saga from when he was considered the Weakest Hunter in All Humanity until he became the most powerful in the world.

Games for those who enjoyed Solo Leveling: Arise

If you liked the premise of the game based on the animation, it is quite possible that you will also like at least one of the 5 games similar to Solo Leveling: Arise which we list below:

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Em Dragon’s Dogma 2players can assemble their characters, equip them with all kinds of different weapons and armor, and go on an action RPG adventure alongside Pawns, characters controlled by the game’s Artificial Intelligence.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

As the captain of a crew sailing between flying islands, you must battle the primordial beasts as you explore the Celestial Space of Zegagrande, unravel mysteries such as those of the Church of Ávia, and join the battle that must change the fate of the World of the Sky.


Packed with action and anime visuals, God Eater 3 brings several new features compared to previous titles. To fight the new enemies called Ash Aragami, you must use the two-handed Godslayers known as Biting Blade and Heavy Moon, as well as the Ray Gun capable of causing damage from a distance.

Shadows: Awakening

After the assassination of members of the secret council of Penta Nera, dark demons known as Devourers consume their souls. In doing so, they are able to absorb the memories, personalities, and appearance of those they devoured, becoming copies of themselves. Now, the Penta Nera console has returned to the mortal world in search of power and immortality… and it is up to the player to consume the souls of fallen heroes along their journey in this isometric RPG.

Torchlight III

About 100 years after the events of Torchlight IIthe empire is crumbling, falling apart. It’s up to a new hero — who can be created and customized by the player — to explore the lands of Novastraia and fight the Netherim and their allies, who aim to invade the kingdom.

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