Self-proclaimed as a “hardcore, unforgiving first-person fantasy dungeon adventure,” the controversial Dark and Darker finally returned to Steam after being removed from the platform in 2023 due to a lawsuit. The free game had its return announced during the Summer Game Fest presentation last Friday (07).

If you’re out of the loop, in 2023 Nexon sued Ironmance, the South Korean developer responsible for the game. The company alleged that former employees misused work they had originally done for the company.

The case even resulted in a fair deal for Ironmance, which had its offices searched by South Korean police in March last year to look for “stolen codes”, which allegedly belonged to Nexon.

Dark and Darker is available for free on Steam.Source: Steam

However, in a message posted on the official Discord of Dark and Darker at the time, Ironmance confirmed that local police did not find any stolen codes, as Nexon claimed. The legal dispute is still ongoing, but the South Korean studio has already secured a preliminary victory in the process.

Discover Dark and Darker, a free game on Steam

Dark and Darker is a PvE and PvP dungeon crawler that relies heavily on several successful recipes. The title promises to mix the best of Skyrim, Diablo e Dark Souls in a single game.

Here, players must explore a mystical underground fortress where the dangers are relentless and even the smallest misstep can result in death. Common sense also yields great rewards, but death carries a heavy penalty with the loss of all your loot.

Despite being a free game on Steamplayers who want to experience everything Dark and Darker has to offer will be able to upgrade to the full version for 15 Redstone Fragments.

The full version of Dark and Darker includes access to High-Roller mode, where players can equip their items to take on even more dangerous dungeons and raise the stakes. Furthermore, the full version also guarantees access to the market, where it is possible to negotiate with other adventurers and have nine extra slots for characters.

Dark and Darker roda no meu PC?

Became interested in Dark and Darker, but don’t know if it runs on your machine? So check out the minimum and recommended specifications below to play the game on PC!

Minimum requirements

  • Operational system — Windows 10 / 11 de 64 bits
  • Processor — 3.0 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Memory — 8GB RAM
  • Video card — GeForce GTX 1060 with 3 GB VRAM, Radeon RX 580 with 4 GB VRAM or higher
  • Storage — 15 GB of available space

Recommended requirements

  • Operational system — Windows 10 / 11 de 64 bits
  • Processor — 3.6 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Memory — 16GB RAM
  • Video card — GeForce RTX, Radeon RX5600 or better
  • Storage — 15 GB of available space

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