The CS:GO skins and stickers market has been booming in recent weeks, most likely due to the imminent launch of CS 2. A holographic sticker Dignitas it broke a value record and impressed Valve’s FPS community.

Specialist Ra disclosed that the holographic sticker Dignitas Katowice 2014 was sold by US$ 33 mil, near R$ 163 mil in direct conversion.

This was the highest sales price for the sticker so far. To give you an idea, the last sale of this sticker was US$ 6,4 mil, nearly R$ 31 mil in direct conversion.

CS:GO skins and stickers market is on the rise

Lately we are seeing many collectors invest a lot of money in CS:GO weapon skins and stickers. A Chinese collector applied around R$1.5 million worth of stickers to his M4A1-S.

The sticker he applied was the Titan Holographic from Katowice, a sticker that has already been sold for US$80,000, around R$400,000 in direct conversion. In June of this year, another player sold his entire inventory for the incredible value of R$2.1 million!

Dignitas sticker that sold for US$33,000 on Cs:GO (Image: Disclosure/CS:GO)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in September 25, 2023


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