The franchise of Counter Strike is one of the most famous in the history of games, and the CS:GO, in particular, was and is still very successful among FPS fans, mainly due to the fact that it is a free game. Even so, a report showed that Valve has already raised around US$6.7 billion with the game.

It’s worth noting that we’re only talking about CS:GO. To get an idea, this value in direct conversion gives more than R$32 billionan enviable value for a game that doesn’t need to be purchased and doesn’t even give an advantage to players who buy items.

(Image: Disclosure/Valve)

CS:GO easily leads Valve’s game rankings

The report made by the Gamalytic portal shows that CS:GO easily leads the list of Valve games that have raised the most so far, with a total of 542 millions of downloads. By way of comparison, the dota2, Valve’s second highest-earning game, it generated 184 million downloads and collected US$876 million.

The list also shows the Counter Strike Source, with around 9.7 million downloads and revenue of US$94.9 million.

Valve prepares the launch of CS 2

Now, Valve is preparing to start fundraising with CS 2, which is already in the Beta phase. The new version of the game will arrive as a free update to CS:GO during the Brazilian winter, that is, at some point between June 21 and September 23, 2023.

CS:GO ban commando
CS:GO banned command (Disclosure/Valve)
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