TACO is one of the greatest players in the history of the Counter-Strike Brazilian, in addition to being a multiple champion in the sport. However, not everything is rosy. The athlete said he did not receive a salary when he won his first Major title with Luminosity.

In an interview with the Flow Games podcast, TACO spoke about behind the scenes of winning the MLG Major Columbus 2016. One of them was the fact that she did not receive a salary from the organization when she conquered the world of CS:GO.

I won the first Major without a salary. When I joined Luminosity, I think the guy didn’t really believe in me, so he didn’t pay me until I won my first Major. When we won the first Major, the entire esports universe came after us, all the organizations wanted us, and then they saw that they were going to lose us.

TACO, athlete from 00 Nation (Josip Brtan/HLTV)

The only money he earned was part of the prize pool for the competitions he competed in. Furthermore, TACO said that he had not signed a contract with Luminosity in 2016 and that besides him, fnx and zews were in the same situation.

Me, zews and fnx didn’t receive at the time, three pieces from the world champion team that didn’t even have a contract. I received nothing, zero. The first money I won was DreamHack, which was the first competition I played in Europe, which we reached the final and lost. I received around R$20,000 eight months later, which was from the prize pool.

Despite being one of the biggest names on the scene, TACO is currently without a team. He took a break from his career to take care of personal matters, but recently revealed that he is practicing for a possible return and that he has already received at least four proposals for a new project.

Bruno Martins
published in November 4, 2023edited 2 days ago

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