Choosing an idol goes beyond what he does on the field or on the server. In any sport, traditional or not, people assume a huge role that transcends the game. One of the idols of CS:GO national is FalleN and for a fan in particular, he is very important. To immortalize the True, a fan decided to tattoo the player’s autograph on his arm.

Vinícius Figueiredo went viral on Twitter when he shared a tattoo he made of FalleN with friends and the community. The Professor’s autograph will accompany the fan all his life from now on. “For the biggest and best in history. Present, Professor”, said Vinícius.

Photo: Reproduction/Vinicius Figueiredo

The fact did not go unnoticed by FalleN, who commented on the publication and thanked the fans for their affection. “Car**** Vinícius. It was worth the tribute, bro. All good for you”. Another Vinícius idol will be immortalized in his skin. In the same publication that revealed FalleN’s tattoo, he revealed that saplings will be the next to be stamped on the body.

Bruno Martins
published in August 29, 2023edited 2 days ago


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