A Chinese skin collector did something that would seem unthinkable to most gamers. CS:GO. He applied it to an M4A1-S skin about US$320 thousand (more than R$1.5 million) on ‘Holographic Titan of Katowice’ stickers.

The information was first released by content creator Jake Lucky, who was impressed by the value. The ‘Holographic Titan of Katowice’ stickers are the rarest and most expensive in CS:GO. The sticker was recently sold for US$80,000 (around R$400,000).

As CS:GO cosmetics will be transferable to CS 2, item prices are getting higher. For example, last June, a player sold an inventory of several rare stickers for the incredible value of R$2.1 million.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in September 17, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/csgo-colecionador-aplica-mais-de-r-15-milhao-em-stickers-em-m4a1-s

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