One of the greatest players in the Counter-Strike national team returned to competitive status. bizinha announced last Wednesday (13) that it will return to servers. The player is without a club and can sign with any organization that wants to count on her services.

Despite focusing on CS:GO and also in CS 2bizinha did not rule out acting in VALUING. In April 2022, the player left Counter-Strike and dedicated herself to Riot Games’ FPS. It was in the Riot game, in fact, that Bizinha played her last game as a professional last March.

To be honest, I’m inclined to play CS:GO-CS 2 and I’m going to play mixed championships as a way to focus on individual development, but I don’t rule out the possibility of working on VALORANT. As we are close to the end of the year, I would like to hear the proposals from both games to evaluate the possibility of evolution in each of the worlds.

In CS:GO, bizinha has passages for Team oNe, Keyd Stars, OpTic, paiN, FURIA e MIBR. The player was also champion several times in championships such as WESG 2017 South America Finals 2018, XLG Summer Female 2018, Brasil Game Cup Female 2018, GAMECON Challenger Feminino 2018, Girl Power Invitational 2020, Gamers Club Masters Feminina I, Grrrls League 2021.

Photo: Riot Games
Bruno Martins
published in September 14, 2023


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