The issue of cheaters has always been complicated for online and offline multiplayer games. CS2 is no different. However, the Valve is committed to mitigating the damage that cheats cause in the competitive world. Therefore, the company applied a wave of bans to users of the main cheat Counter-Strike.

The Aimware cheat was detected by Valve’s system and as a result, thousands of cheaters received a VAC ban on their accounts. The bans were reported by Twitter user CrudeUK and insider Aquarius.

According to Aquarius, many accounts were banned and thousands of skins disappeared. This is because most accounts have items of great value in their inventories.

There are reports that a massive ban wave in CS2 is underway. One of the most popular cheats has been detected and thousands of skins have disappeared.

Valve inserted VAC LIVE into CS2. The new anti-cheat system works in real time during game matches and if a player is using cheating, the game is terminated.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in October 3, 2023


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