As Boot Options in CS2 They are very important to make the game faster and more fluid. Used by casual and even professional players, these settings make a big difference in your experience with the new game. Counter Strike.

In this article, the More Esports will show you what are the main codes to put in CS2 Boot Options and leave the game running smoothly!

What are Boot Options in CS2?

As CS2 Boot Options is a tab on Steam where the player can include some codes to optimize Counter Strike on the server and at the game’s launch itself.

The codes entered in the Launch Options will make the game faster and also increase the FPS.

How to set boot options in CS2?

To insert the codes for better CS2 startup is simple, see the step by step:

Step 1: That Steam library right-click on the CS2 and go to “Properties”.

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Step 2. In the window that opens, look for “Boot Options“. This is where you will enter the launch codes for the game.

  • This is the same place where you insert the code to run the Aim Botz map in CS2.
tutorial on how to put the best boot options in cs2
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When entering the codes, you don’t need to use a comma between them, just put one in front of the other. Remember, codes always start with “-” or “+”, so this is the code for the blocks.

For example, if you put “-novid -tickrate 128″means that they are two different codes, the “-novid” e “-tickrate”.

What codes to enter when starting CS2?

The most commonly used code in CS2 boot options is:

-novid -tickrate 128 -high -fps_max 999 -fps_max_menu 999 -nojoy -softparticulesdefaultoff -forcenovsync.

It is used by both high-ranking players and professionals.

CS2 Boot Codes Meaning

  • -novid: Skips the initial opening video, resulting in faster startup;
  • -tickrate 128: Sets the training servers tickrate to 128;
  • -high: Sets CS2 priority to high, improving performance;
  • -fps_max 999: Used to unlock CS2’s FPS, placing the limit at 999;
  • -fps_max_menu 999: Sets the CS2 menu FPS limit to 999;
  • -nojoy: Disables support for controls in CS2 and frees up system resources for better performance;
  • -sofparticlesdefalutoff: Disables smooth particles in CS2, improving PC performance in the game;
  • -forcenovsync: Disables the VSync function.

Other codes you can add at CS2 startup

  • -full (-fullscreen): The game starts in full screen mode.
  • -window (-windowed, -startwindowed, -sw): Starts the game in a regular window.
  • -noborder: The game window will not have borders.
  • -x 333; -y 333: Positions the CS2 window on the X or Y axis.
  • w 1920; -h 1080: Sets the desired CS2 screen resolution.
  • +cl_showfps 1: Displays FPS in the upper right corner.
  • -console: Forces the console to open as soon as the game starts.
  • -language English: Customizing the CS2 interface language.
  • -threads: Command to set the number of processor cores (although it may be useless).
  • +r_drawparticles 0: Disables particle animation.
  • -nod3d9ex1: Disables d3d9ex mode technology.
  • -autoconfig: Restores the configuration file settings to default.
  • +exec file name: Executes a configuration file (.cfg) with the game settings.
  • +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1: Disables advanced texture blending.
  • -r_emulate_g: OpenGL emulation, for Windows only.
  • -softparticlesdefaultoff: Particle rendering configuration.
  • -nopreload: Cancels preloading models, files, and textures.
  • -nohltv: Disables all GOTV and Source TV functionality.
  • -limitvsconst: Limits the number of vertex shaders.
  • +violence_hblood 0: Eliminates elements of violence, such as blood.
  • +r_dynamic 0 / 1: Enables/disables dynamic lighting.
  • -freq 240: Game frequency customization for CS2.
  • -d3d9ex: Enables Direct3D 9Ex technology.
  • -no-browser: Command that no longer works for the Panorama UI.
  • +mat_queue_mode 2: Enables multicore processing.
  • +fps_max 0: Eliminates FPS limitations.
  • +cl_interp_ratio 1+cl_interp 0.031: Interpolation settings.
  • +cl_cmdrate 128+cl_updaterate 128: Number of updates per second.
  • +cl_forcepreload 1: Loads all map files before entering the server.

Can these launch codes ban the game?

Don’t worry, CS2 launch codes are permitted by Valve and will not cause your account to be banned.

Why configure CS2 Boot?

Configuring CS2’s Launch Options is important for better performance on Valve’s servers, as well as disabling functions that are ultimately useless for the game, such as using the controller.

Launch settings also make CS2 load faster, taking away animations that don’t make a difference to players.

Furthermore, it is important to configure this session so that the game always has the most important settings saved. Although the player can change some general settings in the game, the launch options will only change if the player wishes to do so.

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