Even officially launched, the CS2 There are some problems that are bothering the game community. In addition to the constant bugs, the drop in FPS is a fact that affects players who are always on Valve servers. However, the community discovered the reasons why the frames decreased.

On Reddit, the community revealed all the reasons why the game lowers the FPS in certain situations. Users listed three problems: proximity to the wall, damage indicator and blood on the walls.

Reddit user Sound-Fabulous claimed, in a thread on the social network, that the FPS drops a lot when the player is close to a wall. He published a video showing how the frames fell.

FPS drops from bullet decals
byu/Sound-Fabulous inGlobalOffensive

QuillnLegends published a video in which it showed that the character’s damage indicators, which is when the player takes damage from the opponent, also causes a drop in FPS. He also said that users with a more powerful PC will have an advantage in exchanges.

Damage Indicators Causes FPS Drop, Faster PCs have more advantage in Aim Duels
byu/QuillnLegend inGlobalOffensive

DontGiveADamnFuck also revealed another reason for CS2’s FPS to drop. According to the Reddit user, the blood on the walls also affects the game’s performance. He discovered this when trying to reproduce the aforementioned bug.

Blood is significantly reducing performance!
byu/DontGiveADamnFuck inGlobalOffensive

CS2 was released in September, but according to the community it is still not 100% functional. Valve has been working on several updates over this time, but errors and mistakes always appear on social media.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in November 7, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cs2-os-motivos-para-o-fps-cair-no-jogo

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