A Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced that he banned a player from the competitive CS2. The entity warned on its social networks that the Turkish Monkeylay was banned for two years after being discovered betting against his own team.

The case happened during the final phase of the 12th season of the ESL Turkey Championship, with Monkeylay banned for two years for “practices that influenced the outcome of the game for betting purposes”. At the time, the NOCHANCEMonkeylay’s team, was defeated by two to zero by The Chosen Few team.

With the punishment, the Turk will have to stay away from competitive servers until September 2025, when the ban period ends.

The banned player investigation in CS2

According to ESIC, the investigation included betting records and patterns and digital footprints. The data was accessed with the help of betting operators, who provided documentation with evidence for the ban.

ESIC formally notified the player of the accusation and offered a plea deal, but Monkeylay did not respond, and was banned for a period of two years from today. He is prevented from competing in ESIC partner tournaments.

Photo: Reproduction/HLTV
Bruno Martins
published in November 10, 2023edited 2 days ago

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cs2-jogador-e-banido-por-dois-anos-por-envolvimento-em-apostas

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