The players of Counter-Strike They know all the weapons in the game by heart. The same ones are always used in the rounds, with little new from the players. With that in mind, Valve plans to add new weapons to the CS2.

Valve developers, who are linked to CS2, gave an interview to the PC Gamer portal and said that the team wants to add new features for players of the FPS franchise: the addition of new weapons. This is not a priority for developers, but planning exists.

We’re always looking for ways to give players more interesting decisions to make in-game. Therefore, we will typically see cases where players do not have the right tools to approach a situation or only have one or two tools available. Where is the gameplay becoming stale? What kind of weapon can shake up the game’s status quo?

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Adding weapons to the game is not simple at all. So the development team wants to be careful to do this. The dev stated that in his years of CS:GO, he learned how to do additions the right way.

Over the ten years of CS:GO, we’ve learned some painful lessons about how to introduce a new weapon into the game more carefully. I think we now know better how to approach this in the future, and with customizable loadouts in CS2, adding weapons should be even simpler.

Counter-Strike is a game that does not have sudden changes in weapons. The new additions — which aren’t that new — were the R8 revolver and the MP5 submachine gun. This equipment, however, did not become popular among players, and is rarely used today.

Photo: Valve
Bruno Martins
published in October 29, 2023


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