Despite the efforts of Valve, professional players are not happy with the current state of the game. The newest complaint was from the French legend kennyS. The former player questioned whether the CS2 was released at the right time by Valve.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, in response to Aquarius insider, kennyS. The athlete recalled the recent loss of players when asking his question. According to him, the decision to launch CS2 now was wrong.

Statistics show that the game is losing players. Isn’t it wrong to say that wrong decisions were made? Maybe a year from now the game will be flawless, but why release it now? Players who leave won’t come back for the most part, it’s a waste and a miscalculation.

The Frenchman will not continue competing after his retirement. This means that KennyS will not have the opportunity to compete in CS2.

Photo: REproduction/HLTV
Bruno Martins
published in November 28, 2023


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