The scenario of CS2 Brazilian is agitated. The reason is that coldzera and mch were involved in a controversy. After criticism from mch and Apok to the results of the Legacy, coldzera didn’t like it and raised his tone against the content creators. Afterwards, mch responded to the player.

The Bullet Owners

The program “The Owners of the Bullet” is presented by mch and Apoka. In the last edition, Legacy’s results were debated among those present. Criticism of the coldzera team’s performance was not well received by the player, who rebutted the presenters.

At the time, mch was analyzing Legacy’s defeats in the CCT Online Finals and he spared no words. Previously, he said that the case of FURIA’s bad phase was subject to disbandment. The content creator said the same in relation to Legacy.

If I spoke to FURIA, I think it would be unfair for me not to speak to Legacy. This is disbandment.

Apoka was less acidic. The former coach said he does not believe that a change could happen due to the next CS2 Major.

The team has to take advantage of this time until RMR and understand that the criticisms will come and they are fair, in my opinion, as the team is not winning any games, right? But they, with themselves, have to close in, and internally know the potential that each one has to try to recover in the tournament.

Photo: Reproduction/Legacy

coldzera didn’t like what he heard

Legacy athlete, coldzera didn’t like what he heard from mch and Apoka. In a stream, the player criticized the streamers’ stance and raised his tone against them.

The guys overwhelmed us. I think the two silent ones are poets. These two just talk shit, but anyway, what can they do? I don’t like spreading these guys around, no. I just feel sorry. If we talk about each person’s career, it gets a little ugly.

Bruno Martins
published in December 6, 2023


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