Voted best in the world CS:GO for two consecutive years, coldzera he is ready to return to the times that inspired young players and all his professional colleagues. In a new challenge at Legacyno CS2the athlete promised that he will return to his best days.

At Legacy, coldzera will leave his role as captain and take on the team’s AWP, a position in which he enjoys playing. During a live, the player made it clear that this will make him return to the servers stronger. His idea is to perform at the same level as years ago.

They put me in the role I like. You’ll see, I’ll come back. I’m going ‘is backar’. The guys don’t believe it and I like it that way, when they don’t believe it. Leave me alone, working, playing, grinding.

To put his words into practice, coldzera will have an opportunity that starts this Thursday (16). Legacy will play against 9Pandas in a match valid for the round of 16 of the CCT East Europe Series #4. The game will start at 3pm.

Photo: Reproduction/Legacy
Bruno Martins
published in November 16, 2023edited 3 days ago


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