Many bugs are being discovered by players on CS2. The newest is one that leaves the player trapped in Nuke’s CT base. The error was exposed on Reddit after the last update that Valve inserted into the game.

Reddit user blits020 posted a video showing how the bug works. If the player jumps on the breaker located in the CT base, he will be trapped, unable to leave and will remain like this for the remainder of the round.

Bad clipping on Nuke CT spawn results in you being permanently stuck in spawn if you walk into this box.
byu/blits202 inGlobalOffensive

This is a bug that apparently doesn’t just affect Nuke. In the comments, several players reported the same problem on other maps. Users reported that they were stuck in spots on Anubis, Vertigo, Dust2 e Office.

So far, Valve has not commented or fixed the bug, which should be worked on in the next updates that the developer will release in CS2.

Photo: Reproduction/blits202/Reddit
Bruno Martins
published in December 15, 2023


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