Gauls will not have the rights to broadcast the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024the first Major in the history of CS2. The broadcast, with images of the event, was acquired by the company BTS Brasil.

The news took the community by surprise, as for the last five years Gaules had the right to every CS:GO Major. To Dust2 Brasil, Shaolin, CEO of BTS Brasil, said that the channel will broadcast all the RMR competitions of the tournament, in addition to the qualifiers closed to the competition and the Major itself. There will be five channels with 22 casters.

The Majors were broadcast by Gaules since StarLadder Berlin 2019. With the content creator’s departure, well-known casters in the community will return to Major broadcasts as sew e nicolino. After the news that the broadcasting rights were purchased by BTS Brasil, BiDa’s name entered Trending Topics on X, formerly Twitter.

Gaules’ reaction

Since the rights are owned by BTS Brasil, Gaules will still be able to broadcast the Major. The broadcasting right is the right to broadcast the official channel of the tournament organizer – in this case the PGL – via clean feed. In this model, Brazilians have access to images taken on site, but without official voices in English.

Via GOTV, Brazilians will still be able to broadcast the main competition on the international scene. However, you will have to respect some rules such as the inclusion of delay, for example.

In the publication he made about the fact, several personalities gave their support to Gaules. See some reactions.

This is the second tournament that Gaules will have to do in the “stack radio” style due to the rights going to BTS. At the end of 2023, the streamer was unable to broadcast BetBoom Dacha, which again generated a lot of discussion in the community. BTS covered the entire competition.

When does PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 take place?

O PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 will be held between the days March 17th and 31st already Royal Arena, Denmark. 24 teams will be fighting to make history, being the first champions of a Major in CS2.

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