National and international CS idol and considered the biggest name in esports in Brazil, FalleN your wedding is scheduled and all the fans will be able to follow the ceremony on Twitch.

Where to watch FalleN’s wedding

A FalleN’s wedding broadcast starts on December 27th at 3:30 pm and will be done on FalleN’s Twitch channel (

Dynamics of marriage transmission

At 3:30 pm the broadcast begins with messages from the guests to the bride and groom and the “eye on the outfit” section, where they will probably show the guests’ clothes.

At 4 pm the wedding ceremony begins. It is worth noting that the wedding party will not be broadcast.

It is worth remembering that FalleN and Letícia already got married officially on September 10th.

Stream will be a gift from Gamers Club to FalleN

When announcing the wedding on social media, FalleN revealed that the wedding is a gift from Yuri, co-founder and CEO of Gamers Club, to the captain.

Bachelor party or dower party?

Fallen has even had his bachelor party in the greatest “gamer” style possible. He got his friends together to play Dota 2, a game he really likes and still plays sometimes.

The farewell was affectionately known as the “dower’s farewell”. See the video posted by the player’s brother:

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