The 1980s gave us every good thing, didn’t they? From classic blockbusters like ET – O Extraterrestrial e Command for MataThere are novels like Dirty Dancing e Hot Pink Girl. The vast majority of films from that time left their mark not only in the world, but also here in Brazil. However, there are a tiny number of works that some didn’t even know existed — and that’s where our main character comes in: Killer Klowns From Outer Space, or Killer clowns here in Brazil.

The film, already labeled as a cult classic by the vast majority of fans, tells the story of intergalactic beings who remember clowns! The creatures cause the purest and most intense cosmic terror. nonsense after his ship lands on Earth, in a small town in the state of California.

Killer Clowns, one of the classic horror films.

However, no matter how clueless the script seems, Killer Klowns From Outer Space entered the hearts of many fans. Among them is Illfonic, one of the developers responsible for bringing this classic back to life — now in the gaming world.

And at her invitation, the Voxel you were able to play around 40 minutes of one of the goofiest and funniest games here! Check out our hands-on of Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game.

If you run, the animal will catch you…

Being able to switch between clowns and humans, my editor Adriano Camacho and I started out as Killer Clowns, playing with an entire team of Illfonic developers. Jordan Mathewson (Design Director) and Jared Gerritzen (CCO) walked us through the amusement park in the city of Crescent Cove, the same one in the game.

In the first 20 fun minutes of gameplay as clowns, the duo taught us how to hunt down seven remaining humans in the park, as well as taking a large pink cotton candy cocoon to a base. This cocoon will not only help to find them more easily, but also create a pandemonium called “Klownpocalypse”.

Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceCocoons help clowns win in Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

We were shown some special abilities that clowns have, which not only help in the hunt, but also make it more fun: a mega jump, which allows them to teleport to any uncovered place on the map, a supernatural listening device, used to locate hidden humans, and a hypnosis device. In addition, there is a laser pistol and a sledgehammer in the Looney Tunes style — ready to make the next messy victim a beast.

We’re not afraid of clowns here

As humans, our main objective is: to escape. Even though it’s fun to stay and try to kill the clowns with any weapon that comes your way (from sink pipes to automatic pistols), a positive result is only counted if everyone runs away.

Taking care when running and not making noise is vital to the team’s success, as well as collecting various items, such as popsicles that can give you energy or burgers that increase your life during gameplay.

ClownsClowns in Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

The biggest difference may be in the waiting room! As soon as you die, unlike clowns, youYou don’t abandon your team and you can help them with some retro mini-games. Depending on your score, players who remain alive can receive rewards and help their team defeat the gang of alien clowns — some take a while to get going, however, once you get the hang of it, it’s freebies and fun all around.

The way is to die laughing

Although Predator: Hunting Grounds e Friday the 13th: The Game (both from Illfonic) were not successful among the public and critics, the formula “Dead by Daylight” always attracts attention upon launchindependent of the developer.

In this test version, it was possible to give a good spirit to the artistic direction of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, with all the charm of the 80s aesthetic. In addition to slight touches inspired by VHS tapes, the studio didn’t seem afraid to be bold and create comical animations, even if they were full of blood and violence. Different than Dead by Daylightwhich exudes a much darker air — sometimes too much so —, Illfonic’s future release does the right thing by not taking itself too seriously.

aKiller Klowns from Outer Space’s graphics are impressive!

Even in a controlled environment surrounded by devs, Our game was fun to the point where I wanted to go after the film and dive right into this whimsical universe which the game was based on.

It just remains to be seen whether the public buys this idea!


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