Registration for the Open Qualify CBOLÃO League 2024 It is open to everyone in the community!

Registration for the CBOLÃO League 2024 Open Qualify

Registration for the event is available until 3pm on April 20th. It is worth noting that players under franchise contracts will not be able to participate in Qualify.

The qualifiers will be separated between community teams and single champion teams.


Championship will be in a new format

The CBOLÃO League 2024 will be a longer edition than the previous tournaments, which are simply called CBOLÃO. Baiano even said that he is further away from Ilha das Lendas’ programs precisely to take care of this part of the planning and operations of the tournament, which promises to be the biggest ever.

This year we want to do something that will impress everyone in our community. CBOLÃO today is one of the most fun and anticipated events by the League of Legends community, with a lot of dedication and work we will do our best so that everyone can have fun, without losing our main objective, which is to help others. In 2024 we will have a lot of news, so be sure to follow us

There has already been a team with only foreigners announced for this CBOLÃO League 2024. The last edition of the event took place in person at CCXP 2023 and was a real success, with a packed house and a peak of more than 200 simultaneous spectators watching the showmatch between paiN 2015 and INTZ Exodia.

Catfish and Onion fighting
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published in April 13, 2024


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