The first day of CBOLÃO has come to an end! We had many exciting clashes, but favoritism in the matches also prevailed, at least in this first moment of the competition.

The cousinscurrent champions, won and will play a decisive match against LEC Team. Still in the upper key, the Eternal Protagonists face the Near Airportwhich ran over the monochampions of Full Clear Mentality.

In this second confrontation between monos and foreigners, Brazil was defeated and the community went crazy on social media! Then Full Clear won the paiN Igniswho said goodbye to CBOLÃO and were the first eliminated from the championship.

This Saturday, in addition to the championship clashes, we will also have the showmatch between paiN 2015 and INTZ Exodia. The match is scheduled to take place at 12pm.


Results from the first day of CBOLÃO

  • paiN Ignis 0 x 1 Eternal Protagonists
  • The Cousins ​​1 x 0 100k
  • LEC Team 1 x 0 Without Peitin
  • Near Airport 1 x 0 Full Clear Mentality
  • Near Airport 0 x 1 Eternal Protagonists
  • Full Clear Mentality 1 x 0 paiN Ignis

When does CBOLÃO CCXP 2023 take place?

The event takes place between December 1st and 3rd and will be based at CCXP, in São Paulo. Transmission takes place from 12pm to 6pm every day.

Where to watch CBOLÃO 2023?

You will be able to watch the championship through Baiano’s official channels on Twitch and also on YouTube, on CBOLÃO’s own channel.

Luis Santana
published in December 1, 2023


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