O Island of Legends will once again try for a place in the base category of the Brazilian League of Legends scene. After it was announced that CBLOL Academy 2024 added two more places for the 2nd split, Bahian revealed that South Korean jungler Shrimp, already well known in the Brazilian community, will lead the IDL project for the competition.

The idea is that, together with Shrimp, the IDL has a team with names on the rise on the scene. Baiano spoke about the arrival of the South Korean jungler for the project:

When we sat down and talked about qualifying for the second split
of the CBLOL Academy, we plan to assemble a robust team. Shrimp arrives to be the first member of the cast, who will lead this project with us. We already have other names to make up the team, and we will certainly end up with a team prepared to win one of the spots

IDL tried to qualify for the first split of the CBLOL Academy

In the first split of CBLOL Academty 2024, Ilha das Lendas had a team in the qualifiers, including names that were already Brazilian champions. The line-up formed by Yang, Accez, Tockers, Flare and Yuki reached the quarter-finals, but ended up being eliminated and did not qualify.

Shrimp and the IDL team will also play in the CBOLÃO League 2024

The player is already in Brazil and was welcomed by Baiano himself. In addition to setting up and playing in the qualifiers for the 2nd split of the CBLOL Academy, Shrimp will also participate with the team in question in the CBOLÃO League 2024, which already has an international team announced.

The CBOLÃO League 2024 is scheduled to take place on April 21st, one day after the grand final of the CBLOL 2024 1st split.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cblol-aademy-2024-shrimp-comandara-projeto-do-ilha-das-lendas-para-a-liga

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