In the 6th round of CBLOL 2024the “battle of Social Media” took place, the name the community gave the confrontation for LOUD e INTZ have been barbed on the social networks. The confrontation was well contested, but LOUD’s experience spoke louder, and with a backdoor do Tin Verduxa took the game.

Check the match numbers:

LOUDetes barb INTZ

If the confrontation had already started on the networks, it is clear that the community would be present regardless of the result, take a look at some of the barbs that occurred after the confrontation:

Upcoming clashes

LOUD leads CBLOL 2024 by one victory over its rivals, and in rounds 7 and 8, it will have to beat RED and LOS, respectively, to maintain the wave of leadership!

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games


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