For those who thought it was a joke, the tweet from brTT about being Free Agent, he thought wrong. The former player even mentioned that he is analyzing proposals, we may be close to seeing the return do brTT!

So it wasn’t a joke? Is the return of brTT close?

Right after the title of the LOUD on top of paiNwhich caused the Robo became the player with the most titles in Brazil, brTT made this tweet:

This Monday, first thing in the morning, TT also stated that he will travel to think about his future. Check out the six-time champion’s statement:

BrTT never closed its doors to LoLzinho

On January 18th, BrTT once again “said goodbye” to the scene, this time as an influencer for organizations (Fluxo). In his final statement, TT caught the community’s attention with the ending of his message:

Now it’s time to focus on evolving as much as possible in lolzin and in my lives, let’s go for what this year promises.

Remember the full message:

Despite being out of competition for over a year, brTT never closed its doors and always treated this time as a “break” and not as retirement. Could this be the moment for the legend to return, in search of his record once again?

CBLOL narratives always involve brTT

TitaN, ADC of paiN Gaming, could be the first in the role to give the title to an organization other than brTT, Robo surpassed TT’s record and Tin tied with Pai in titles.

All paths lead to him.

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