In the end, it’s all about paiN e LOUDbut: how does the draft and paiN Gaming? Today we are going to do a study of the Meta of the two teams and try to define, in outline, what we can expect from the paiN Gaming nos drafts.

Draft goal study of paiN Gaming

paiN Gaming experienced different styles in very specific drafts. Let’s break down what has become more standard throughout the series: the standard is Lucian, Kalista, Xayah, Friends e Rell.

The standard of aggressive ADC’s: Lucian didn’t pass once TitaN it’s at Kalista it happened four times and there were three victories for ADC Tradicional. This draft pattern opens up other possibilities specific to paiN.

TitaN – a variation of priorities

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Obviously the player is not having his comforts, so he has been innovating in this regard: Xayah appeared in the last series and was a big difference, for two reasons.

  1. It matches Kuri’s Rakan, who is certainly the best support champion;
  2. It makes sense for TitaN to be able to take that “extra step” by having a resource to stay alive (Ult).

Zeri gets into this idea too, and it all correlates with the mentality of a lot of CBLOL teamfights. So you can be sure that paiN’s priority today is the bot. And the rest?

How does paiN’s top-side work in the draft?

Photo: Cariok, jungler da paiN Gaming
(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL Flickr)

Honestly, the Cario has been “mono” for each series: there was already Vi against Procuracy in the upper key, Rell also against Procuracy, but in the lower bracket, and Lee Sin against Kaboom. But what about when it went against the LOUD?

Interestingly, against LOUD the jungler had a more diverse choice, although they are still more or less the same champions. We had the Vi efficient, but of the four games, she appeared twice and won the solitary victory. In the series also appeared Maokai e Lee Sin.

Particularly, with the adaptation of the TitaN of Xayah e whatI believe that the Rell it’s at Vi are the jungler’s priorities, and this allows the Dynquedo stay in Ahri e Azure.

O Wiser It’s the hardest to predict the pick. The player has already chosen nine champions within the playoffs. Rumble e JaxI believe they are the priorities, not only to complement Cariok’s choices, but also to counter Robo’s choices.

What do they ban in drafts against paiN Gaming?

Photo: Cariok, jungler da paiN Gaming
(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL Flickr)

Until then, the most banned champions against paiN Gaming are:

  • Maokaicom 76% the bans nos playoffs
  • Luciancom 71% bans
  • Kalista com 53% the bans.

The rest varies downwards: Renata Glass, what, Hey, Ashe e Aurelion Sol.

Possible Draft Scenarios

I believe that paiN will invest a lot in bans to make the bot lane more accessible: Nautilus and Taliyah (to avoid Tin’s roaming) probably won’t pass.

And then it is up to the TitaN e On create stress within the series: if they manage to lie down with a what of life, makes space for Xayah. Xayahin turn, opens up space for Kalista. And paiN’s draft lives for this: its performance within the map.

We’ll be able to see how this phase of picks and bans will go on Saturday (20) from 1pm in the final between paiN e LOUD, worth the CBLOL 2024 title 1st split and last spot among the MSI 2024 teams!

In the photo, Titan after beating VKS 3x2 in the playoff series
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr


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