After winning the paiN Gaming by 3×2in a spectacular final, o mid-laner Tinowns tied with BrTT in numbers of titles CBLOL! The former player held the record for most cups, but now he is the Robo which is isolated with more titles and five of the seven titles in Robshow was it Tin! TT joked that he was Free Agent on social media.

“I’m at my best” says Tinowns

At the press conference, Tinowns were asked what it’s like to live in professional League of Legends for so long. Tin has been a professional for more than 10 years, and yet he lives consistently beyond the curve. Check out the player’s response:

I think it’s my desire to take life, LoLzinho has changed over the years, and I feel like it, it’s something I like to do. I can achieve my goals by playing LoL and there were many things that made me get here today, both players, committee, many people outside the game too, who helped me and made me achieve. I see that I’m living my best phase now and all of this is part of the people who have been through all this time, it was all a learning experience for me and now I live in a very good organization, which welcomes me very well, I think the line- up is very good too, there’s nothing to say, everyone who participates, behind this line, is also part of it. So that’s it, I’m still motivated, I think I’m experiencing the best phase of my career and it hasn’t crossed my mind to stop playing.

In the same press conference: Stardust, Tinowns e Robo They commented on the controversy that happened in the middle of the split, regarding the locker room fight. Team support, Redbert, also commented on the provocations of the paiN fans and on the Route to have been the best ADC he has ever played with.

Repercussions of the CBLOL 2024 1st split grand final

With the title, LOUD becomes the first Brazilian team to win the CBLOL four times in a row, tying with KaBuM and passing paiN itself.

Now LOUD is qualified for MSI 2024, but it has a tough time right from the start of the tournament, as it will face Top Esports, of Meiko, JackeyLove and others. By the way, Robo told the press conference that he sees the LOUD above the GAM and with chances of winning the Fnatic.

Watch the full post-title LOUD press conference on our channel below:


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