Riot Games revealed the debut date and game calendar for CBLOL 2024 1st split this Wednesday (13). Scheduled to start at is 20the competition will also arrive with important changes in the Playoff format and in the so controversial tiebreaker.

New format for the CBLOL 2024 Playoffs

In addition to the change in the tiebreaker criteria, Riot Games also announced a new format for the CBLOL 2024 Playoffs.

After complaints that the team finishing first had little or no advantage, now all six teams going into the Playoffs start in the Upper Bracket.

O quinto e sixth place face, respectively, the quarto e third place, while the first and second place advance directly to the second round of the Group Bracket. With this, the first place can choose which team he wants to faceamong the two who win the first round.

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CBLOL 2024 1st split will have new tiebreaker criteria

It’s not new that the public and even players complain about the CBLOL’s tiebreaker criteria. Currently, the accumulated winning time is used as the first criterion, and this has led to teams even gaining places in the Playoffs simply by having faster victories.

Listening to the community’s appeal, Riot comes with a change for 2024. Now, the first tiebreaker criteria for CBLOL 2024 will be Direct Confrontations, the most used in other tournaments.

As the teams play against each other twice, it is quite possible that they will still be tied even with the new criteria, and in this case an MD1 match will be played between them to decide who wins.

It is worth remembering that the CBLOL 2024 will continue with an in-person audience in all rounds of the tournament. Ticket sales take place at is January 10th from 1pm. Check out more details about tickets in the Riot Games article.

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